The Science Behind Podcast Content

Podcasting, considered as the production and distribution of audio or video content to engage a larger target audience than any other traditional media, is growing rapidly and gaining huge popularity. This is in part due to the fact podcasts have become, in recent times, easier to produce and access. 

While – previously – podcast creators generally needed access to studios and recording equipment (and, on the other hand, audiences had to download audio files transfer them to their portable players), the process nowadays is way smoother.

Is this the only reason for the effectiveness and popularity of podcast content? 

A more efficient way to reach your target audience

Podcasts are more remarkable than we imagine:  listeners tend to spend more than 25% of their time listening to podcasts. In a world of feed scrolling and shorter attentional span, more and more people decide to keep their podcasts on while they are jogging, gaming, or simply driving to work. It’s easy to see why podcasts are a huge opportunity for brands to reach their potential target audience – or even getting to reach a new niche! 

Another key aspect of podcasts is that brands don’t have to keep trying to reach their target audiences: subscribers will automatically receive new content once they subscribe.  Instead of continuously chasing potential customers, charming them once and only once is more than enough. 

Why are podcasts so effective?

A recent study shows that 50 percent of the U.S. population has listened to at least one podcast, and listeners report an average of 17 hours of listening in the last week. It’s a remarkable result, considering that the global attention span is narrowing more and more.

So, why are people so attracted to podcast content?

Lots of podcasts actually feel like a real conversation. Also, most listeners dedicate their time to podcasts when they are alone. This means that podcasts have a deep, direct, and affective influence over listeners.

Podcasts contain conversations and experiences which make you familiar with them. They allow listeners to get to know celebrities and high-profile figures on a more intimate level. That is why Podcasts can develop deeper connections with their audience: as celebrity endorsements do, podcasts’ success is rooted in the human brain’s preference for familiarity. 

Another reason podcasts are so effective is because the listeners get directly influenced by what they are listening to. In a recent survey, 63% of listeners declared to have purchased the product promoted by the podcast’s host. Exactly: way more than half of the listeners decided to buy. And there’s more: 71% of listeners also declared to have visited the sponsor’s website after hearing about it on the podcast. 


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