The Science Behind Podcast Content

Podcasting, considered as the production and distribution of audio or video content to engage a larger target audience than any other traditional media, is growing rapidly and gaining huge popularity. This is in part due to the fact podcasts have become, in recent times, easier to produce and access.  While – previously – podcast creators generally needed access to studios …

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The Science Behind Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrity endorsements are an excellent way to associate your brand image with a more knowledgeable one; this way, the brand itself will be connected to a successful, glamorous atmosphere, allowing you to increase its notoriety and visibility.  The history of celebrity endorsements Celebrity endorsements are a well-known technique with a long history, and it could be said that it’s as …

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How and Why Press Establishes Instant Credibility

Credibility is one of the biggest customers’ triggers: people tend to trust brands that they perceive to be credible the most.  Credibility is deeply connected with transparency and authority. If your target audience doesn’t believe that you’re being truthful to them, they won’t give your brand a chance.  How to Use Press to Build Instant Credibility and Get Your Customers …

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