How and Why Press Establishes Instant Credibility

Credibility is one of the biggest customers’ triggers: people tend to trust brands that they perceive to be credible the most.  Credibility is deeply connected with transparency and authority. If your target audience doesn’t believe that you’re being truthful to them, they won’t give your brand a chance. 

How to Use Press to Build Instant Credibility and Get Your Customers To Trust You Faster

In the case of buying behavior, establishing credibility does not only mean that your prospect believes that you’re trustworthy, but also that they believe that the information you’re sharing is valuable. The fastest way to confirm this belief is to utilize valuable press mentions. 

The inherent value of a press release is to share nothing less than meaningful news. Moreover, a press release is also regarded as a highly structured document, containing only facts of relevance and substance. 

This makes press mentions the most suitable tool for establishing your brand credibility. Press mentions are also the fastest route to share valuable news with your target audience and back it up with facts. 

Press releases are useful to inform and provide context on any relevant aspect of your brand. To make it even more effective, inserting relevant search engine optimization (SEO) keywords in a press mention can help your brand to show up on the search engine results page (SERP) and reach your target audience faster than the competition. 

One step further: How to Get Your Brand Verified On Instagram

As mentioned above, credibility and authority are deeply connected, and a great way to establish your brand’s authority is by getting an Instagram badge and finally gaining your blue check.

Instagram badges help people to find celebrities, public figures, and even brands and discriminate them from any fake accounts. When you get blue-checked, your potential customers will automatically know that Instagram has confirmed the authenticity of your account and that they can trust the account is represented by your brand. To put it another way, Instagram helps you build credibility when it verifies your account.

An Instagram blue check will provide instant social proof and credibility to any potential customer that is looking up to you or your brand online. Your target audience will know that they can trust you and take you seriously


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