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Comes with a custom graphic and a full feature article. 30-min consultation for success. Additionally, we consult you on what to say and how to bring on a SuperUser to talk about their experience with the brand that acts as a gleaming testimonial as well all in one. We then run an SEO PR Media Blitz on over 400 affiliate sites featuring said podcast including USA Today, Fox, ABC, etc for $1k. For any other Tier 1 Publications, it’s important to understand there is a vetting process and we have no control over that but having all of this done prior makes you bulletproof.

Get featured on  Each article is written by our editorial team and approved by you prior to content publication.

Each article (for the most part) will include a few pictures of you if you would like or the company logo, product, CEO, etc (some will include candid pics while others will be professional pictures), additionally, each article will tell a unique story that’ll further the purpose of your career, your brand, as well as your overall brand image. Hollywood Celebrity also offers custom graphics for your features for a small additional cost.

Once your articles are published you can add sections to your website like “”. Connecting your brand with well-established digital platforms makes it easy for people to trust you, and do business with you.

In the case the service cannot be delivered, a full and prompt refund will be issued. We pride ourselves on client satisfaction and will make sure you and your team are satisfied with the product.